About GEC

Gujarat Ecology Commission was established in 1992 by the Forest & Environment Department, Government of Gujarat to address the State's environmental issues and facilitate development of sustainable technologies. The Commission is headed by a Member-Secretary, who is assisted by gazetted officers, deputed by the government. The Member Secretary is an all India service officer with a super-time scale. He is the Chief Executive of the Commission. 

A multi-disciplinary team of professionals (Including a Forester, an Ecologist, an Environment Engineer, a Socio-economist, a GIS & RS Expert and a Computer specialist) support the Commission, along with other ministerial staff.

The major strength of the Commission is its ability to draw on the existing institutional and professional resources of the State and elsewhere, based on felt need. It has worked with almost all the professionally renowned institutions of the State.

The Commission's main role is to design projects, and is also involved in their execution, monitoring and evaluation. It works in areas associated with ecological and environmental protection.

GEC is a platform for providing information and other inputs, which are needed to develop a policy and approach for ecological conservation and sustainable development. At the same time, it undertakes, on its own and in collaboration with other agencies, initiatives for the protection of ecosystems under threat and restoration of ecologically degraded zones. 

This is done through trial and demonstrative projects, which establish benchmarks for future replication.

GEC's approach is to integrate environmental concerns with regular economic activity, even to the extent of relating conservation of biological diversity with the livelihood prospects of the present generation in addition to the concerns for future generations.

The Commission views sustainable development as an ongoing cumulative process, rather than an end product. Therefore, it adopts an action-centered network approach to environment management and development; wherein links are established with different Government departments, scientists, experts in various disciplines, voluntary agencies, communication experts, business and industries to enable problem-solving and consensus-building towards developing a common vision.

Dr. Ashok Kumar Saxena, IFS, is the Member Secretary of Gujarat Ecology Commission, since June-2017.

GEC as State Project Management Unit for ICZM Gujarat

Gujarat Ecology Commission, with their extensive experience in the area of environmental rejuvenation and restoration has been chosen as the State Project Management Unit for implementation of Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project in the State of Gujarat.

The State Project Management Unit is responsible for building a long-term institutional sustainability, aimed at helping the coastal zone management of the Department of Forest & Environment, as per the state's medium-term capacity building plan.

The State Project Management Unit, in collaboration with the National Project Management Unit, is responsible for all procurement, ensuring prudent financial management, quality assurance, monitoring and evaluations of the initiatives undertaken as part of the project. The SPMU will collaborate with a range of government departments or specialized agencies (the Project Executing Agencies) that have jurisdiction, demonstrated capacity and expertise in management and execution of the proposed pilot investments.

The SPMU is also involved in collaborating and seeking support from and partnering with a range of other agencies to strengthen the capacity of the main Project Executing Agencies. These include international, national and local knowledge centers, academic and research institutes, private sector business houses and industries, urban and rural local government bodies, civil society groups, NGOs, community-based organizations and other government departments responsible for coastal zone development and protection.

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