Coastal Resources Conservation & Management

Coastal Resources are natural treasure houses with a significant impact on mankind. Intricately woven ecosystems that function along the coast have a tremendous contribution in the well-being of coastal communities. Not only are they storehouses of immense marine wealth that provide livelihood opportunities to the coastal communities, but they also act as guardians of the coast, protecting the coast and the surrounding villages from natural disasters such as tsunami, hurricanes, etc.

Thus protection, conservation and rejuvenation of coastal natural resources become an important aspect of coastal zone management. Under Component A of ICZM Gujarat project, two areas of change have been identified to effect responsible and efficient coastal zone management. These are: SUB-COMPONENT A-1: Restoration, Plantation and Conservation of Mangroves along the Gujarat Coast SUB-COMPONENT A-2: Coral Transplantation in the Gulf of Kachchh

Project at a Glance
Start Date June, 2010 End Date June, 2015
Cost INR 153 Crore Funding Agency World Bank
Implementing agencies A-1: Gujarat Ecology Commission (GEC) Marine National Park & Sanctuary (MNP&S) A-2: GEER Foundation
Components Sub-Component A-1: Restoration, Plantation and Conservation of Mangroves along the Gujarat Coast Sub-Component A-2: Coral Transplantation in the Gulf of Kachchhs
Goal A-1: Facilitating community-based mangrove plantation and socio-economic development of coastal communities in the project area. Creation of mass awareness on conservation of coastal natural resources and coastal zone management Creation of sustainable mangrove conservation models Conservation and Management of coastal natural resources in the Gulf of Kachchh Capacity building of MNP&S for better management of the National Park & Sanctuary Conservation and Management of MNP&S and other coastal natural resources A-2: Capacity building of GEER Foundation Development of research protocol in the coastal-marine environment
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