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Review meeting of ICZMP Gujarat
Project Director of SICOM (MoEFCC, GoI) Shri A. K. Mehta, IAS visited SPMU - ICZMP Gujarat on December 28, 2016 and reviewed various completed and ongoing interventions of ICZMP Gujarat. Images

Pre-bidding conference for Oceanarium
On January 7, 2017 a pre-bid conference was conducted for the potential investors of the Marine Research Centre for Information (MRCI) or the Oceanarium which is being planned on DBOFT basis by SPMU - ICZMP Gujarat. The conference was chaired by Shri S. K. Chaturvedi, IFS Member Secretary, GEC along with the representatives of Darashaw Pvt. Ltd.; the consultant agency conducted the conference, which was attended by M/s Aqua Blu [A subsidiary & Project arm of Aquawalk],Malysia; M/s Paschima Project, Pune, India and M/s BNA Technologies Consulting Ltd. Different components of the bid document were discussed and suggestions have been taken from the bidders for the final bidding procedure. Images

Online Monitoring of Pollution status of GoK : Decision Support System (DSS)under ICZM Project

Satellite Image of Mangrove Plantation Activity done by Kachchh Forest Circle & Marine National Park under ICZM Project


A one day technical consultation was held to deliberate on the ICZM plan, which is being prepared by Gujarat Ecology Commission (GEC) for the Gulf of Kachchh. The plan would be a significant outcome of the World Bank funded Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project (ICZMP) that is being implemented in the State of Gujarat. The ICZM plan has undergone an extensive preparation and stakeholder consultations with the coastal communities, NGOs, local government departments, industries etc. The plan is being prepared by M/s DHI [Water and Environment Pvt. Ltd., India, New Delhi].
Post the consultations held at village and district level in the month of July 2016, the technical consultation held on November 4, 2016 at Gandhinagar presented the coastal profiles and the issues identified after the consultations. The meeting began by an overview on the ICZM plan and its preparation by Mr. S. K. Chaturvedi, IFS (Member Secretary, GEC & Project Director, ICZMP Gujarat). Several dignitaries and experts attended the meeting including Dr. H. S. Singh, IFS (Retd.), Dr. C. N. Pandey, IFS (Retd.), Mr. R. D. Kamboj, IFS (Director, GEER Foundation), Mr. Shyamal Tikadar, IFS (CCF, Marine National Park & Sanctuary). The meeting was concluded by Mr. Arvind Agarwal, IAS (Additional Chief Secretary, F&ED – GoG). In the concluding remarks, he commended about the endeavours of GEC in coastal zone management. He further added that GEC has done tremendous work in preparing a coastal zone management plan for the Gulf of Kachchh and is moving in the right direction towards setting up a platform to bring integrated solutions for multifaceted coastal issues.
The meeting was also attended by representatives of following departments and organizations :
• National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management, Chennai
• Indian Coast Guard, Gandhinagar
• Climate Change Department, Government of Gujarat
• Industries & Mines Department, Government of Gujarat
• Gujarat Maritime Board, Gandhinagar
• ISRO, Ahmedabad
• BISAG, Gandhinagar
• Centre for Environment Education, Ahmedabad
• SPMU-ICZMP, Odisha
• Mangrove Society of India, Goa
• GPCB, Gandhinagar
• GEER Foundation, Gandhinagar
• Marine National Park & Sanctuary, Jamnagar
• Fisheries Department, Government of Gujarat
• Police Department (Coastal area), Government of Gujarat
• Gujarat Energy Research & Management Institute, Gandhinagar
The consultation has helped in collating views of the above referred experts and organizations on the ICZM plan. The final plan is expected to be ready by the end of January 2017. For more information about the consultation, please contact Mr. Nischal Joshi, Sr. Manager (Project), Gujarat Ecology Commission on mail@geciczmp.com or call on 079-23257656-659.
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Mangrove day celebration 2016
To celebrate the International Mangrove Day, a one day sensitization workshop was organized by Gujarat Ecology Commission (GEC) at Bhuj. The workshop was attended by 222 community members from 104 ICZMP villages from Kachchh district and Maliya block of Morbi district. The workshop focused on spreading awareness about mangrove conservation, protection and regeneration. The workshop was inaugurated by Shri. S. K. Chaturvedi, IFS Member Secretary (GEC), Shri. A. O. Sharma, IFS CCF (Kachchh Forest Circle), Shri. A. C. Sampat, Director (GEC), DFO (Kachchh West & East), Director (GUIDE) and other distinguished guests.Images


Stakeholder consultations at district level for ICZM plan in Jamnagar and Kachchh
Gujarat Ecology Commission (GEC) as the State Project Management Unit of the World Bank funded Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project (ICZMP) is in the process of developing an Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan for the Gulf of Kachchh. DHI is the consulting partner for the plan preparation. As a part of it, a series of stakeholder consultations were organized by GEC in Jamnagar and Kachchh districts on July 14 & 15, 2016. During which, consultations have been done with Government department, industries and NGOs of the districts.
In Jamnagar and Kachchh districts, the two-day consultations with Government departments, industries and NGOs have helped in validating the data and research done as part of the plan preparation.
Total 56 Government officials, seven representatives of industries and 15 NGOs took part in the consultations in Jamnagar. The consultations were held in the presence of Mr. H. K. Patel, IAS District Collector, Devbhumi Dwarka; Mr. Shyamal Tikadar, IFS Chief Conservator of Forests, MNP&S; officials of JMC and GPCB.
Whereas, in Kachchh district a total of 96 Government officials, 17 representatives of industries and 15 NGOs took part in the consultations. The consultations were held in the presence of Mr. C. J. Patel, IAS, DDO; Mr. I. R. Vala, I/c RAC, Kachchh; Mr. A. C. Sampat, Director, GEC; officials of Education Department, Disaster Wing, GPCB etc. Images

International Mangrove Day celebration by GEC
Today, Gujarat Ecology Commission is celebrating the International Mangrove Day with 104 ICZM villages of Kachchh district and Maliya block of Morbi district through a one day sensitization and awareness workshop on mangrove conservation, protection and regeneration. The workshop would be inaugurated today at 10:30 am at Shri Rajgor Samajwadi, Bhuj by the Member Secretary (GEC), CCF (Kachchh Forest Circle), Director (GEC), DFO (Kachchh West & East), Director (GUIDE) and other distinguished guests. More than 250 coastal community members would take part in this workshop. We welcome you to be a part of this initiative and conserve mangroves together. Invitation

Stakeholder consultations with coastal communities for ICZM plan
GEC, the Gujarat State Project Management Unit of the World Bank funded Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project in association with DHI India is preparing an Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan for the Gulf of Kachchh.
As an integral part of the plan preparation, stakeholder consultations with coastal village communities are in progress from July 1, 2016 in Devbhumi Dwarika & Jamnagar districts. These consultations would play a significant role in making an inclusive Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan. Some of the photographs from the consultation are here.

GEC initiates steps to conserve natural resources in Navsari
Conservation of natural resources is an important component of the GANDHI project, which is being implemented by GEC in association with Gujarat Vidyapith in Navsari district. As a part of it, GEC has taken up renovation of pond and its beautification in Aat and Samapore villages to promote rain water harvesting. In addition to the same, garden and green belt development work has also been initiated in Sultanpur village. Bhumi Pujan of these activities have been done on May 21, 2016 by Shri S. K. Chaturvedi, IFS, Member Secretary, GEC; Shri R. C. Patel, Nayab Dandak, Gujarat Vidhaan Sabha, Government of Gujarat & MLA Jalalpore; Smt. Rekhaben, District Panchayat Member; Senior Officials of Taluka Panchayat; Shri Timbriya, Coordinator, Krushi Vigyan Kendra; Sarpanch from GANDHI project villages, CBO Presidents & Secretaries and community members. GANDHI project is funded by SICOM, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Government of India. Images

Review of draft state level oil spill contingency plan of Gujarat coast
On April 26, 2016 a meeting was Chaired by Shri S. K. Chaturvedi, IFS Member Secretary, Gujarat Ecology Commission & Project Director, ICZMP Gujarat to review the draft state level oil spill contingency plan prepared by KITCO. The meeting was attended by officials of GEC, GPCB, GMB and Forests & Environment Department, Government of GujaratImages

Orientation workshop on CRZ notification for district officials of Anand
Gujarat Ecology Commission (SPMU Gujarat) conducted an orientation workshop on CRZ notification 2011 for the district officials of Anand on April 12, 2016. The workshop was chaired by Dr. Dhavalkumar Patel, IAS District Collector and had a participation of over 27 district level officials from rural development, GPCB, District Coastal Zone Management Authority and other related department. The workshop focused on the notification and its provisions. The sessions were conducted by Mr. Nischal Joshi, Sr. Manager (Project), Gujarat Ecology Commission. Orientation workshops on CRZ notification is an initiative of World Bank funded Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project to build capacity of district officials in managing the coast. Images


what's new

what's new

what's new

Solar Training

A series of workshops were conducted by the Gujarat State Project Management

Entry-Point Activities

As part of the Integrate Coastal Zone Management Project in Gujarat, a number of entry-point activities have been identified after initial interactions



QUIZ - Know Our Coast

Which of these is a benefit derived out of a dense mangrove cover along the coast?
Protection for natural calamities such as hurricanes, cyclones, etc.
Prevention of salinity intrusion
Habitat for increase in marine biodiversity
All of the above